Why are Virtual Data Rooms Universal?

Have you ever thought about why they are labelled this way? It seems to us that it goes without saying that a universal function is important, but let’s think about the specific reasons why it is important to further understand the true value of a VDR.

The universal instrument

First of all, let’s talk about VDRs ability to provide a great number of functionalities. They do far more than just archive documents.. In fact, VDRs provide so many functionalities virtually no other applications are necessary to complete work. What’s more, some providers allow the ability to synchronize the apps you regularly use to ensure you have everything in one place.

data rooms versality

If you want to have conversations with partners who are located in different countries the Q&A can help. Use it whenever you want and wherever you want: on vacation, in the car, at the office, at home… pretty much everywhere.  

This is where we come to another merit of the VDR: they are smartphone-friendly. In an era ruled by mobile phones, this is definitely a plus. But we also understand that even in our modern world where we have the internet in almost every city of the world, you can still lose connection sometimes. For instance, when you are traveling from one city or country to the next. While you might not be connected, you still need to get work done. In this instance you can often ask a provider to save your records on a DVD or memory stick. This service may incur a fee, but it’s worth it to have access to files while you are on the go. 

We realize how important it is to stay connected. And of course, you expect quick resolution for any problems you might face. This is why it’s so important to ensure your provider offers 24/7 service. The best VDR providers should provide this service so you can have peace of mind in knowing help is always there when you need it. 

It’s important to mention if you use VDRs, you are not limited to the most widely common Microsoft Office file types. VDRs give you a comprehensive range of services and file formats. However, if you need to convert file formats, VDRs provide this capability, making them adaptable to any format you require.

Full range of spheres

It would be foolish if VDRs were intended for only one industry. That is why VDR providers are constantly developing their offering to ensure they cover new and emerging needs of diverse industries. 

Be sure when looking for a VDR that is a good fit for your needs to ask the provider what industries they have worked with previously. Just because they don’t have experience working with your specific niche doesn’t mean they can’t benefit your business, but it’s always helpful to know about a provider’s areas of focus or expertise. 

One more distinction to make here – with PDRs, you should get a permit every time you plan to overlook papers. This isn’t the case with a VDR. You get a password which gives you access to work when it is convenient for you.

We hope this article has showcased the infinite capabilities VDRs can provide. Hopefully now it is clear why they are often referred to as being universal – because they really are!

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