Board Portal

The right decision for board of directors

So many business owners worry about improving the teamwork of their employees by implementing dedicated tools. But they oversee that the board of directors needs an instrument that will help to create a smooth and steady communication between leaders of the company. And let’s be fair, the teamwork of the board might be even more important than the interaction among employees.

Directors rule the business. Therefore, the responsibility for decision making lies on their shoulders. And to make correct choices, they need to see the complete picture, which is not possible if leaders don’t communicate. Then they make the wrong decisions, and the work of the staff doesn’t bring the desired progress to the whole company. That’s why it is vital for members of the board to establish a productive communication.

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The issue is that they are usually extremely busy with all the decision making and maintaining the workflow of the team. And they have little to no time to talk to other directors and tell them about what’s happening in separate departments on a daily basis in addition to other regular chores. Thus, they need a tool that will fix this problem. And board software is the perfect solution.

What is the board portal?

It is a virtual board software that allows directors to communicate efficiently without burdening them. In fact, this instrument simplifies their work taking away all the hassle. Board portals might seem similar to virtual data rooms: both tools allow working with sensitive documents and interact with other members of the team. But board software is more advanced and tailored to the needs directors have.

What are the features of the virtual board software?

So how exactly does this instrument improve the communication between leaders? First of all, it provides the board with a convenient and, most importantly, a secured chat where directors can discuss issues, make quick reports on the current progress, and even tag the relevant documents to simplify the workflow for others and accelerate processes.

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If some members of the board need to talk about certain matters in private, they can create a separate chat. It will be as reliably protected as the main one. And the best thing is that no one besides the members of this small chat will know that it even exists. It is incredibly convenient, especially if there are many departments in the company, and some of them need to interact closely. They can create separate chats not to distract other directors and flood the main chat.

Another useful feature is the poll tool. Using it leaders can ask others about their opinions on particular matters and get quick answers. Therefore, they can solve minor issues without having to gather a meeting. Also, the manager of the virtual portal can use polls to figure out when it will be convenient for everyone to have an event. Such an approach improves attendance and allows directors to plan their workflows better.

Talking about meetings. Since leaders of the company can upload documents to the board room, they can go through the information before the event and get ready. It saves time during the actual meeting because everyone will already know what’s going on, and there will be no need to waste precious minutes waiting for everyone to study the papers.

Additionally, this feature allows holding a virtual board meeting which is extremely convenient if some members are located remotely or are away for a business trip. They can study the documents too and not feel left out and frustrated during the event.

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Everything directors are discussing during the meeting is recorded to the virtual board room. The records remain in the storage, and leaders can go through them later to refresh their memory or get ready to the next meeting. It is very useful for recently joined directors, too. They can access the records and study them to gain a better understanding of what’s going on.

To help members of the board tracking their progress and processes in other departments, there is a task manager. Directors can create and assign tasks right during the meeting and see what’s happening with them later. Thus, they will not forget to do the discussed things and will have control over the situation.

Besides that, the virtual board room offers statistics leaders can analyze and get useful insights. Also, if the software provider has implemented artificial intelligence in the system, the board portal becomes a truly powerful tool that gives business owners a lot of advantage. AI helps in understanding the tendencies and make better data-driven decisions. Then leaders can be sure they are doing everything right, and the company is moving in the right direction.