Main features of the Digify VDR

Digify offers three different pricing plans, ranging from the Pro plan that includes one admin, 50 users, and 3 data rooms, to the Business plan, which includes five admins, 500 users and 25 data rooms. All plans include the possibility of adding extra admins, users and data rooms for additional fees. Digify also offers clients the possibility of customizing plans. Prospects can sign up for a 7-day free trial to test the Digify VDR.

Customer reviews on the Capterra software reviews website report that Digify is secure, user-friendly and offers quick and efficient customer assistance.

Digify VDR features include document security features, document sharing tools, and analytics features, such as:

  • granular user permissions: admins decide how users can interact with folders and specific documents, on individual and group levels and according to defined roles
  • access revoking: in case a permission was accorded to the wrong user, admins can easily revoke it
  • customizable watermarks: by adding an user’s name and personal info to a document, the admin can discourage them from sharing that document without authorization
  • timed expiration: admins can set a self-destruct date and time for sensitive documents, or make them disappear from the user’s device once they’ve been read, and they can also set an expiry date for user access permissions
  • bulk upload: admins can quickly import large numbers of files into their data rooms
  • user activity analytics and reporting: admins can check who is interacting with each files, how, and how often, which not only gives them greater control over confidential information, but allows them to invest their time in those partners that are showing greater interest in the documents
  • ease of use
  • security
  • customization feature
  • lack of features
  • value for money
  • lack of access permissions