Main features of the Sharevault VDR

ShareVault is an American software company that has been providing web-based document sharing services since 2005. Over 100,000 companies in more than 40 countries use ShareVault to securely share and store data. Though this provider is used by companies across all industries, it specializes in serving companies in the life sciences industry.

ShareVault is a web-based platform, so users don’t need to download or install any software on their devices. ShareVault offers three different VDR plans. Each plan’s features are detailed on their website, and there is a comprehensive comparison table, but the prices and pricing systems are not disclosed. ShareVault offers a 7-day free trial of each plan.

As regards security, documents uploaded to ShareVault VDRs are encrypted at rest and in transit, which means they cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties from the server backend or while being shared. These virtual data rooms also include several security features to protect customers’ confidential data.

ShareVault VDRs offers all basic virtual data room features, such as:

  • bulk upload
  • granular user permissions
  • analytics and reporting
  • customization 
  • full text search

As regards data protection, ShareVault virtual data rooms offer several features that ensure documents are securely stored and shared:

  • remote shredding: admins can prevent an user from viewing documents even after the user has downloaded them to their device
  • dynamic watermarking: admins can watermark documents with viewers’ names and personal information, discouraging them from sharing documents with unauthorized people
  • secure printing: admins can prevent users from printing to pdf even when physical printing is authorized
  • expiration date and time: admins can set a day and hour after which users can no longer open documents
  • view modes disabling: admins can disable printing, saving, copying and pasting and screenshots for specific documents

Besides document management and sharing features, and security features, ShareVault virtual data rooms also offer tools specifically designed for life sciences applications, such as inter-document hyperlinking and integrated eCTD Viewer.

  • accessibility and confidentiality
  • security
  • maintenance of sensitive information
  • ease of use
  • outdated interface
  • difficult to deal with data room without special guide