Main features of the Vitrium Security virtual data rooms

Vitrium Security is a cloud-based platform, which means users don’t have to download any apps or plugins in order to use the virtual data rooms. Clients can choose from two plans, but prices and pricing systems are not available on the Vitrium website.

According to customer reviews on Capterra, Vitrium is a secure option for companies looking to share confidential documents.

Vitrium Security offers military-grade document encryption. VDR features include:

  • third-party system integration: the virtual data room can be integrated into clients’ websites, intranets, document management systems etc.
  • user analytics and reporting: admins can see who has interacted with which document, how, and how often, which allows them to keep control of confidential information and to know which users demand more attention
  • granular permissions: admins can grant user permissions down to document level, ensuring only authorized people can access confidential data
  • customization: admins can customize data rooms with their brand’s colours and logo, keeping brand consistency in their relationships with clients and partners
  • ease of use
  • watermarking content feature
  • security features
  • lack of features
  • ease of set up
  • unique printing requirements