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Ansarada data room is a high-tech AI solution for data governance and deal streamlining launched in 2005. Since then, the provider has enabled clients globally to consolidate and digitize workflows, protect sensitive data through robust mechanisms, and get committed support. 

Ansarada’s features are seamlessly combined with ease of use. This is the reason Ansarada’s loyal customers include such big names as Coca-Cola, Visa, Deloitte, Nestle, and PwC.

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Ansarada features

In addition to basic functionality, the data room Ansarada includes AI-powered features, which significantly help users get better insights and eliminate guesswork. So, here are some of Ansarada’s valuable tools:

  • Smart Upload. Users can save time during deal preparation since the software automatically sorts files as they are uploaded. Before, it used to take weeks to prepare, but now, with Smart Upload, it only takes a few clicks.
  • Deal reporting. Ansarada has this feature based on AI, which makes real-time insights highly accurate. With this, you get complete visibility into the status of the bidders, their engagement, and current focus.
  • Bidder engagement score. It is a dedicated machine learning engine that uses proven attributes to determine a bidder’s engagement in a deal. After the seventh day of a bidder’s first login, the algorithm analyzes all the data from your VDR so that you can see engagement with up to 97% accuracy. 
  • Confident data sharing. The ability to self-destruct sensitive documents remotely allows you to share them without fear. Besides, when a bidder or other data room visitor is removed, their rights expire automatically.
  • Automated Q&A. It is an excellent way to optimize the Q&A workflow by directing questions to those competent in the relevant field of expertise. To do this, specify subject experts, and the software will take care of sending the information to the appropriate persons.

As for the basic features, the Ansarada data room offers instruments such as drag and drop, granular permissions, full audit trails, controls for saving, printing, and access, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox integrations.

The provider approaches user security responsibly, as confirmed by the ISO 27001 certification for over ten years and the compliance with GDPR. Moreover, end-to-end data encryption covers documents both on and off the platform.

Reasons you need to use Ansarada data room

Powered by artificial intelligence, Ansarada is a good simplifier for daily workflows and such complex transactions as M&A. But there are still a few more specific reasons why you might want to use it.

Data governance best practices

It’s no secret that all virtual data rooms are fundamentally different from traditional file hosting services. However, Ansarada is an advanced AI-based solution, so its users also get comprehensive data management through bi-directional sync, extended activity tracking, print and save controls, and granular access privileges. All these advantages provide effective document management and reliable protection.

Work without the guesswork 

An automated scorecard and an artificial intelligence engine predict outcomes as accurately as possible, which most other software cannot offer. As a result, you get valuable insights to achieve success based on hundreds of deals.

Deal lifecycle monitoring

Ansarada’s dashboard is a deep resource for monitoring deals. Advisors can enlist Ansarada’s support as a feature-rich way to manage deals at every life cycle stage. For example, administrators can create workflows with a few clicks, track key milestones, monitor engagement and task completion, collaborate internally and externally on multiple projects, etc. 


Data room Ansarada prices for each package vary depending on the storage size and the duration of data room use. Therefore, you should specify the necessary data plan (250 MB, 1, 2.4, or more than 4 GB) and subscription period (monthly, 3, 6, or 12 months) on the official website to find out the exact price. You can also request a free trial for 14 days and experience the full suite of Ansarada’s features.

Ansarada may seem more expensive than some other platforms, but it also comes with many benefits. Namely, regardless of the chosen plan, the client receives:

  • Unlimited number of users and guests
  • One virtual data room
  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email
  • Bidder engagement score tool
  • Self-destruct Microsoft and PDF files
  • Q&A module integrated with Excel and mail
  • Careful activity tracking


  • Strong audit capabilities
  • Ease-of-use
  • Added security features
  • Straightforward multi-project management
  • Helpful customer support team


  • Data room speed and quality may vary by browser
  • Sometimes bulk uploads need to be done in chunks to retain full filenames
  • High price

Main features of Ansarada data room

Most providers try to fulfill all the needs companies have. But not in this case – Ansarada data room focuses only on Mergers and Acquisitions. On the one hand, it is good to have a dedicated tool that is not overloaded with unnecessary features. On the other – a platform that can be used only for individual deals is not really convenient in most cases.

Ansarada doesn’t offer a free demo or trial period, and there is only a cloud web-based version. Such a limited implementation is, however, reasonable considering the focus only on one business process. The support team is available 24/7 via phone and email. But there is no online help center and live training. Although, users get a dedicated project manager.

ansarada data room

Businesses can customize the interface and login page – here the customization is over. On the bright side, Ansarada offers all the tracking features including real-time audit trail, scheduled reports and tracking of all the user actions. The collaboration features lack messages and files and folders notes. Also, you will need to set permission setting for each file separately which is not convenient at all. The search feature works quite well. The only thing it lacks is optical character recognition.

The biggest downside of Ansarada is that it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication. This feature has become vital because it ensures the security of the data room. For some reason, this provider decided to ignore it. But users have an opportunity to create permission groups and set the expiration of access for invited members. While this virtual data room might seem limited, it does everything you need to execute Mergers and Acquisitions or due diligence successfully. Users are satisfied with the simplicity of the interface since it is not overloaded with unneeded features. This provider continually adapts to the requirements of businesses, so Ansarada is quite agile.

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  • Strong audit capabilities
  • Ease-of-use
  • Added security features
  • Straightforward multi-project management
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Data room speed and quality may vary by browser
  • Sometimes bulk uploads need to be done in chunks to retain full filenames
  • High price