Onehub is a cloud-based platform, which means users don’t need to install any software on their devices. Clients can choose from four pricing plans, ranging from standard, which allows for any number of users between 3 and 200 and a maximum of 50 data rooms, to unlimited, which allows for unlimited users and data rooms. There’s also a 14-day free trial available.

According to software reviews website Capterra, in 2021 Onehub is an “Emerging Favorite”, meaning among 350 file sharing softwares rated on the website, Onehub is among the highest-rated.

Main features of the Onehub VDR

Onehub offers all the basic features customers expect from a VDR provider. These include:

  • drag-and-drop and bulk upload: admins can upload files into the VDR easily regardless of their quantity
  • granular permissions: admins can choose how each individual user can interact with each document, ensuring only the right people view, edit, download and print a document
  • activity tracking and reporting: admins can see exactly who has been interacting with the documents and in which way – this not only allows them to keep control of confidential data, but also helps admins decide which partners and investors are worth their time 
  • customization: admins can add their company colours and logo to their virtual data rooms, keeping brand consistency and professionalism
  • data encryption: documents shared on Onehub have bank-level encryption, which prevents data from falling into the wrong hands
  • two-factor authentication: admins can request that users authenticate their sign-ins from a second device, so as to make sure only authorized users access the VDR

Onehub also offers a feature not all VDR providers have: the stealth mode, which allows admins to prevent users from seeing other users. This is useful for admins who are sharing information with competing bidders.

  • cloud-based platform
  • customization feature
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