All-in-one data room solution for business

OneHub is a software solution provider that offers file sharing, virtual data rooms, and online collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises. It was founded in October 2007 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

OneHub enables users to collaborate and share sensitive files in a secure environment. It also makes branding much easier. With a drag-and-drop editor, archiving, version controlling, role-based permissions, and powerful document organization features, OneHub offers an all-in-one data room solution for businesses. 

The virtual data room is web-based, and it can be accessed from any browser. You can also use the data room from your iOS or Android phone. 

Onehub info overview


Cloud-based access (browser) + iOS and Android apps


Knowledge hub available 24/7, phone and ticket support

Pricing Plan:

4 pricing plans + free demo


Two-factor authentication, audit trails, session timeouts, role-based permissions, drag and drop, bulk uploads, white labeling


North America, MENA, Europe, Australia

OneHub features

Here are some of the key features of the OneHub virtual data room.


OneHub incorporates robust security features that ensure secure file sharing. These include two-factor authentication, session timeouts, role-based permissions, and audit trails.

Collaboration made easier

OneHub makes collaboration much simpler with notifications, comments, and task assignments and tracking. You can also integrate OneHub with Google Drive and Microsoft Office to maximize efficiency and productivity. 

In addition, you can use role-based permissions to control who can see or edit documents on a granular level.OneHub also makes it possible for you to create unique, secure links to share with your colleagues or business partners. 

Document organization

OneHub allows you to upload files effortlessly with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. You can also create folders and make the software conduct versioning for you. In case you need to upload multiple files in bulk quantities, you can use the included secure FTP gateway. 

Customizable documents and watermarks

With the OneHub virtual data room solution, you can change document colors, add logos, and make the changes apply automatically to all of your workspaces. This way, you can maintain brand consistency while making use of one of the best virtual data rooms in the industry.

In addition, you can add watermarks for identification, protection, and leak prevention. 

Why use the OneHub data room

OneHub data room stands out due to its ease of use, customization options, and competitive pricing. Here’s how.

Ease of use

OneРub is very easy to use, and integrating it into your existing workflows and systems will be a breeze. The data room makes collaboration easier, faster, and more secure. 

With OneРгb, you can create and share workplaces at a glance, as well as upload folders with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature. Everyone in your organization will get familiar with this user-friendly interface quickly with some video tutorials.

Not to mention, the setup process is almost non-existent. As long as you’ve created a OneHub account, you’ll be able to access the data room immediately from any browser running on any desktop platform.

Extensive customization

The OneHub virtual data room allows you to maintain brand consistency by supporting the company logo and custom colors. Your company’s brand identity is applied to everything, including email communications and sign-in pages. 

Not to mention, you get custom domains and white-label support for a truly unique file-sharing and collaboration experience.

High value for money

OneHub’s pricing structure lets you create lots of workspaces regardless of how many users use the data room, in addition to inviting viewers and downloaders when required. Each pricing plan is tailored and priced based on your needs, so you’ll only pay for the features and cloud storage capacity that works for you. 

Plus, there aren’t any hidden fees or charges. You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan whenever you want to.

OneHub pricing

The OneHub data room pricing structure is pretty straightforward. There are four plans to pick from depending on your business needs: Standard, Advanced, Data Room Edition, and Unlimited Edition.

The most economical option is the Standard plan, but it’s limited to 200 total users, 50 workspaces, and 1TB of storage. You’ll also miss out on various features, such as DocuSign integration, audit trails, customized training, watermarks, and others.

The Unlimited Edition, on the other hand, is the provider’s premium offering, giving you unlimited users, storage space, and workspaces.

As you move up the ladder of OneHub’s pricing structure, you get more users, workspaces, and storage space, along with additional features like full-text search, auto-indexing, and data room security.

Additionally, you can test any of these plans with a 14-day free trial.


  • Top-notch security. OneHub’s security features include two-factor authentication, role-based permissions with access control, watermarking, and secure access links.
  • Customization. OneHub offers many customizable workspaces and themes that can be adjusted to suit your brand identity.
  • Fair pricing. The OneHub pricing structure is clear and fair. With four different plans, you can choose the package that best suits your budget and needs.
  • Easy to use. OneHub makes software setup and usage seamless with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that’s free of complications, along with flexible user management.
  • Multiple users. Many users can use Onehub without having to get additional accounts, with the Unlimited Edition plan offering unlimited users.


  • Flexibility. Many customers report that the lack of offline capabilities in OneHub’s interface is disappointing.
  • Tagging. Some users also mention that Onehub doesn’t support document or file tagging, which makes document navigation more difficult.
  • Top-notch security
  • Customization
  • Fair pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple users Easy to use
  • Multiple users
  • Flexibility
  • Tagging