Nextgen Data Room by SmartRoom


The target audience of the SmartRoom VDR is the small and medium business.

It is one of the most respectful online data rooms. This venture has helped to strike several thousand bargains. If you are anxious about its usage, there is no sense in it since it is very user-friendly and you can understand everything by means of your intuition. Having watermarking, anti-viral programs, two-factor verification, and geographically dispersed data centers it guarantees the complete safety of your archival depository. For every operation, you are free to use the help of the dedicated manager and the overnight helpline. Numerous users prefer SmartRoom VDR for its prices. And of course, this is one of the most decisive factors for deciding on the repository. The team of this provider is ready to work with any business field (financial field, legal consulting, the stock market, M&A and others).

smartroom data room

It also disposes of the representatives in the USA, Europe, and Asia, which says about being in demand. The software can be also customized in correspondence with your brand. The service supports several the most widely spread languages. It is of great importance that you can upload the files both on your own and with the aid of its managers. With SmartRoom you have everything under your control. It means that you not only manage your archive but also control the overviewing of the materials. So, you can analyze the users’ activity and make plans for your future work.

One of the most convenient features SmartRoom offers is the opportunity to send files to your data room directly from your email. While it might seem insignificant, such a function can save you some time by allowing you to skip a couple of actions. And if you need to upload a large volume of data, SmartRoom will ZIP all the files into one folder to accelerate the speed. Thus, you can assemble a VDR in no time.smartroom vdr

The granular permissions will give you more control over the deal. You can slowly extend the level of access to make the process evolve at the pace you need. So it’s not just a safety feature, but it also can give you a bit more space to play. And if something unexpected happens, you can quickly detonate the required file even if it was already downloaded by someone. Thus, you have full control over the information.

SmartRoom data rooms are compatible with Microsoft Office, which means that you can work on those documents within your VDR. It also means that other authorized team members can join you to review, edit, and comment on these files. Although comments on papers are not the only way of communication SmartRoom. Participants of the process also can use the Q&A section to retrieve the information they want to know.

If you want to share only one file, there is no need for you to invite that person to your data room. You can just create a shareable link for a particular document and send it to the third-party. Thus, they will have access only to one file, and both of you won’t need to waste time sending invitations, creating accounts, and managing user rights

SmartRoom also makes it easy to rearrange the files within the data room. Thanks to the SmartMove feature that basically works like a map you can move documents in one click.

  • easy to upload files
  • good for complex needs
  • intuitive interface
  • none