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Everything for sensitive document management

Box is a leading data room platform, powering over 100 thousand organizations across the globe. With the Box virtual data room, corporations, governmental bodies, and NGOs can streamline paperwork, improve collaboration workflows, and drive projects with confidence and security.

Find out what makes it the VDR of choice for global giants like AstraZeneca, the UN Foundation, and even the London Metropolitan Police.

To what does the Box virtual data room owe its success? Consistently delivering on security, navigability, and ease of operation, for starters. But that’s far from the whole story. Box has never stopped investing in its own resources, and its toolkit now includes exclusive products such as Box Sign, Box Shield, and Box Governance — plus over 1500 integrations for every aspect of your business. 

Box essentially tells its clients: The buck stops here. Look no further for quality document management at scale.

Box info overview


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS


Live technical support is available during business hours

Pricing Plan:

Monthly/yearly subscriptions based on functionalities available


1500+ integrations, offline access, automated workflows, e-signatures, unlimited storage


Australia, Asia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States

Box features

Working across all industries imaginable, Box has something to offer to every kind of client. Here are some of the main features it provides, helping clients close deals and plan agendas in a protected, confidential environment.

  • Threat/leak alerts: AI-powered security controls detect and provide early warnings for suspicious activity across the platform
  • Intuitive UI: Desktop, web, mobile. The Box interface isn’t just easy to use, it’s a joy to navigate.
  • Ensure compliance: Box is dedicated to ensuring data treatment compliance on a global spectrum, ensuring regulations are followed from the GDPR to HIPAA
  • Security in integrations: Whether it’s ensuring IRM with Microsoft Office integrations, protecting your information space with McAfee, or connecting to a Zoom call, the Box technology stack has got you covered with 1500+ integrations
  • Reporting: Easily access audit logs to get an overview of user activity on your data room
  • Automated workflows: Benefit from templates to create faster, more efficient workflows. 

These are just some of the many Box features designed to simplify and speed up your deals.  

Reasons to choose Box

State-of-the-art technology. Nearly two decades of experience encompassing the whole length and breadth of governmental, industrial, education, and non-profit sectors — to name just a few. One of the most feature-rich data management products on offer. 

This much should be clear: there is no lack of reasons for using Box as data room.

That said, a few use cases stand out from the crowd. A few of the many Box strengths:

  • the technology: Box develops the solutions it deploys, ensuring extremely high levels of reliability and security, with minimum to no downtime
  • the people: If you want to count on immediate and competent support — whether for onboarding your team or figuring out a last-minute glitch before closing a deal, — the Box customer support team will not let you down
  • the culture: A company’s culture reflects a mix of history, policies, and common practices. For an established provider like Box, culture  also tells you a lot about what to expect: devotion to clients’ needs, diligence, and an overall search for excellence that give your company promising prospects when working through the Box platform

If you need a secure and reliable document management solution that can scale at will, it doesn’t get much better than Box.

box data room

Box Pricing 

The Box pricing model is remarkably flexible, with something to offer to anyone — from individuals to mega-companies with hundreds of users and thousands of documents’ worth of storage.

There are three individual/team plans

  • Single-user: Free, single-user plan allowing up to 10 GB of storage and basic sharing
  • Business starter: The basic plan for teams, with up to 100 GB storage, priced per month
  • Personal pro: Up to 100 GB of storage, priced per user/ month

And four business plans, all with unlimited storage and varying degrees of features available:

  • Business: Per user/month pricing, meant for team collaboration
  • Business Plus: Per user/month pricing, meant for content management
  • Enterprise: Per user/month pricing, offers advanced content management and protection
  • Enterprise Plus: Custom pricing, unlimited functionality

All of these plans can also be subscribed to on either a monthly or annual basis, with a 25% economy on the yearly plan.

Pros and cons

Below we’ll take a look at some of the most — and least — praised aspects of the Box data room.


  • Security: Whether stored or shared, Box ensures your files stay protected. Encryption, user access restrictions, login protection, and dynamic watermarking are just some of the features deployed for your peace of mind.
  • Intuitive interface: The Box interface earns it a lot of happy compliments and no wonder. With a clean and intuitive design, the Box panel can be easily navigated by even the least tech-savvy among us.
  • Unlimited storage: Whereas most data rooms put a price tag on different storage limits, none of the four Box Business plans does. For some users, unlimited storage is what clinches the deal here.
  • Customer care: Clients are very appreciative of how the Box customer support team is always there for them.
  • Powerful integrations: You’ll probably not even come close to using the full potential of the 1500+ integrations, but the ones you do use can make a difference to your workflows.


  • Poor search functionality: Being able to find a file promptly is an essential feature of a VDR. For big data rooms, the Box search option doesn’t often deliver.
  • Higher-than-average price: In terms of cost per functionality, quite a few users compare Box unfavorably with the competition. 
  • Slow download: For some users, downloading from the platform is sometimes slow and glitchy.

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  • security
  • intuitive interface
  • unlimited storage
  • customer care
  • powerful integrations
  • poor search functionality
  • higher-than-average price
  • slow download